Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New for 2011

With the weather turning warmer in the south west at least and the new year just round the corner, the idea of spring doesn't seem so far fetched. Although wary of new year resolutions the plan is to have a few more useful entries on the blog in 2011 and to put out a newsletter every quarter...

Although there are now yurt camps with 10 plus yurts, we are keeping it small just three yurts each one in its own field, one toilet/ig-loo for each yurt, and the bathroom yurt and solar shower to share between them.

Although it was up for the last part of the season the solar shower is the most significant new addition, part up-turned boat, part gothic archway the distinctive shape and big view of moss covered hawthorn trees is a very different type of shower.

The 10ft yurt pod attached to the 20ft Ash Field yurt will be up for April 2011, giving a separate but attached yurt for the kids and space for the adults to relax more comfortably in the evening. In the bathroom yurt we have finally found a suitable comfy chair and a place to rest your cuppa or glass of wine.

We are also installing a washing machine and dryer (not anywhere in earshot of the yurts), to make it easier for to those with young families to keep on top of the laundry without traipsing off to Wadebridge or Bodmin.

Although doing very little seems to be a popular past time for many who come here, this is rarely an option if you have children. In addition to the swings and hammocks we will have a sandpit, and a big pile of sticks and stuff for building shelters. There will also be a slackline ( a kind of low level tightrope ) for the adventurous or foolhardy of all ages.

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