Friday, 19 November 2010

Wood and Rush

There is no doubt that making a chair from a tree is more difficult than it sounds, more difficult than yurt making too I am sure, but despite the obvious complexities, the notion of starting with a tree, felling it, cleaving it, axing it, drawknifing it, etc. until you have nineteen or so bits of wood that go together to make a simple chair, is a wonderful thing.
I am more proficient with the wood than with the rush seating which is how I came to spend an excellent weekend on one of Linda Lemieux courses on the edge of Dartmoor learning how to weave the rush into a chair seat. A woman of many talents and endless patience Linda grows her own willow for her beautiful baskets and harvests her rush for chair seats. The hospitality and excellent tuition makes for a great weekend . For more details see

Sunday, 14 November 2010

World of Interiors

 Ed Osbornes hand made stoves are featured in this months issue of World of Interiors.  They have one picture of the gas bottle stove which is one of many of the full range of stoves and ranges  that he makes. Portable and efficient, easy to light and  good for cooking on we have used them for years in our yurts and have supplied them to many of our yurt buying customers.  To find out more info about Parp stoves phone 01363 860001